English C2 CPE

Word Formation - (C2) Certificate of Proficiency in English

For Questions 1-8, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits in the gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein's work has enormously (0) BROADENED (BROAD) our understanding of the universe and has had a (1) ............ (CONSIDER) impact on all our lives. Thanks to his equation E=mc2, we now know that energy and mass (or matter) are directly related to each other. To a very great (2) ............ (EXTEND), it is Einstein who is responsible for our now knowing that space and time are actually one thing: space-time. (3) ............ (ADD), without E=mc2, we would not have nuclear power — and nuclear weapons — today. Einstein did not become famous because of E=mc2, which was first published in 1905. At the time, his paper was (4) ............ (LARGE) ignored, even by most scientists. Indeed, it was 14 years later that Einstein first made headlines round the world, when scientific evidence began to show that his Theory of General Relativity, which was an (5) ............ (EXTEND) of his 1905 paper, was correct. The idea that only a tiny (6) ............ (MINOR) of scientists can understand Einstein's theories comes from this media reporting. The New York Times asked its golfing correspondent to cover the story. As he was clearly out of his (7) ............ (DEEP), he presumed that everyone else was too. A myth was born. Space, time, energy and mass are (8) ............ (WEIGH) subjects — no pun intended — to get to grips with, but Einstein's ideas are not impossible to understand by any means. The implications of Einstein's work for our lives, however, may well be infinite.

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